n. stair leading from the ground level to a door; (British Slang) thick slice of bread v. sell door to door; (British Slang) wait outside the home of a person for an interview or to take a photograph (usually journalists)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • doorstep — [[t]dɔ͟ː(r)step[/t]] doorsteps, doorstepping, doorstepped 1) N COUNT A doorstep is a step in front of a door on the outside of a building. 2) VERB (disapproval) When journalists doorstep someone, they go to their home and try to get an interview… …   English dictionary

  • doorstep — I UK [ˈdɔː(r)ˌstep] / US [ˈdɔrˌstep] noun [countable] Word forms doorstep : singular doorstep plural doorsteps 1) a small step outside the main door to a house or other building 2) British informal a very thick sandwich or piece of bread • on… …   English dictionary

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  • doorstep — noun 1》 a step leading up to the outer door of a house. 2》 Brit. informal a thick slice of bread. verb (doorsteps, doorstepping, doorstepped) Brit. informal (of a journalist) wait uninvited outside the home of (someone) for an interview or… …   English new terms dictionary

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